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Aidan Cross

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Aidan (They/He) is one of the founding members of Lingo Magazine and has a passion for languages – never studying less than three at once, hoping to become a polyglot! – as well as the histories and cultures of the peoples and places that use them. They are especially interested in translation and the connections between different languages and cultures across the world.

He is looking forward to being Lingo's Deputy Editor-in-Chief for 2023/24 and making the magazine and society as inclusive, informative, and interesting as possible. As for languages, Aidan is in their final year of Hispanic Studies & History at the University of Nottingham, studying Spanish and Portuguese, and in his free time also studies Korean - and has recently started learning Italian!

Aidan was one third of our 2022/23 Welfare Team.

Aidan Cross

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