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How to Navigate the Navigo: A Guide to Paris Transport

Heading to Paris for a holiday or a placement? Here's all you need to know about getting around the famous City of Love.


Banksy Cut and Run Exhibition: Review

This Summer (2023), Banksy's first official exhibition in 14 years opened in Glasgow's GoMA. Just about as elusive as Banksy himself, the Cut and Run exhibition was truly enigmatic, forbidding any public photography. Fortunate enough to get her hands on tickets, Emma Burnett recounts her experience of possibly the most intimate exploration of the legendary Banksy ever seen before.


Falling for Autumn: why are autumn traditions in the US so at odds with the weather?

Across social media, Americans living in the southern states are giving a taste of their fall décor. However, this is completely at odds with the weather in the places they live, consisting of orange leaves and pumpkins. Is there a reason for this cultural difference, or is it just something we must accept about the American experience?


Film in Flux: Conflating Creativity and Artificial Intelligence at Gothenburg Film Festival

A look at Sweden’s contemporary cultural industry and how AI plans to augment and reimagination some of Sweden's most famous film's. Exploring what Gothenburg Film Festival's digitalized debut mean for the future of the film industry. Is it an exciting experimental shift in cinema, or will Artificial Intelligence be used to undercut the authenticity so intimately undergirding art house cinema?

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