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Students Protest the (Western) World Over

Student protests in the US in support of Palestine have grabbed international media attention, both from traditional new outlets and through the slow seep of videos in the TikTok ecosystem. The role of student journalists and social media in local and global politics has never been quite so clear. Holly explores this and examines the ongoing events.


The Zone of Interest (2023) - the new film from director Jonathan Glazer

Film review of director Jonathan Glazer's 2023 film; 'The Zone of Interest'

CW: mentions of the Holocaust and concentration camps


The Beeston Film Festival: Highlighting the Truths of Womanhood in Film

A synopsis of my favourite short films from the Women's Voices sections at The Beeston Film Festival


Promises (African Voices): A Variety Pack Review from Beeston Film Festival

A review of Promises (African Voices), a Beeston Film Festival short film variety pack spotlighting a selection of excellent African cinema: Climate in the Minds of Artists, Hearts of Bwindi, Muna, Een Saam (Farther), I Promise you Paradise, & Father's Day.

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