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  • Chris Stankley | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Chris Stankley ​ Chris is a fourth-year Spanish and Chinese student. In his free time, Chris likes to listen to foreign language music and cook vegan food. ​ Latest Articles by this Author An Intro to Taiwanese Music 29/11/22

  • Jasmine Johal | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Jasmine Johal ​ Jasmine has lived in the UK her whole life but has been brought up in an Indian household. She can also speak Mandarin at around B2 level and this year she is learning French alongside her degree. As an engineer, she is hoping to use her passion for languages and diverse cultures to travel the globe and work on a range of different projects! ​ Latest Articles by this Author The Bubbling History of Boba 11/03/24 How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionising the Tourism Experience 09/02/24

  • Sarah Taylor | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Sarah Taylor ​ Sarah is a staff member here at the University working as a Senior Research Administrator for the Faculty of Engineering. She loves writing and culture, and thought that Lingo Mag would be a fantastic opportunity to combine both passions. She also loves photography, books, history and walking. ​ Latest Articles by this Author The Zone of Interest (2023) - the new film from director Jonathan Glazer 22/05/24

  • Jamey Heron-Waterhouse | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Jamey Heron-Waterhouse ​ Jamey loves to travel and learn languages. Her own personal heritage is made up of many different cultures and learning languages and customs from her family has always been an interest of hers so she likes to express this interest by writing articles. ​ Latest Articles by this Author If You Didn’t Post About It, Did It Even Happen? - The Toxic Relationship Between Tourism and Social Media 13/12/23

  • Francesca Beaumont | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Francesca Beaumont ​ Francesca is a Philosophy student, who loves reading Lingo articles as she is really interested in languages, travelling and culture. So thought she'd try write some of her own! ​ Latest Articles by this Author Film in Flux: Conflating Creativity and Artificial Intelligence at Gothenburg Film Festival 25/10/23 Fashion Saturation: ‘Stockholm Style’ and the resurgence of Scandi-Minimalism 03/03/23

  • Abigail Eden | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Abigail Eden ​ Abigail loves fully immersing themself into the culture of the language that they're learning and for them this is mostly music and film! ​ Latest Articles by this Author

  • Jessamy Guest | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Jessamy Guest ​ Jessamy is a languages student learning Portuguese and Spanish. She was drawn to Lingo Magazine because it seemed like a great combination of appreciation of languages and cultures and an opportunity to write specifically about current events. She is particularly interested in the goings-on in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries but also global issues and international relations. The workings of the world endlessly fascinate and bemuse her. ​ Latest Articles by this Author A Reflection on Tensions in Ukraine 15/02/22

  • Samah Irshad | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Samah Irshad ​ Samah is a first year medic, who studied Spanish at A-level and absolutely loved it!! She decided to join Lingo because she wanted to continue with her language journey and learn more about other cultural interests! :)) ​ Latest Articles by this Author Salamanca – home of the world's purest Spanish 04/04/23

  • Aoife Grimes McTavish | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Aoife Grimes McTavish ​ Aoife is a English and French student, who wants to showcase her writing abilities and have the opportunity to write on topics that interest students studying modern languages. She hopes she can use her experiences to also help others, especially in regards to living, working and studying abroad. ​ Latest Articles by this Author Fashion in Paris: Autumn Edition 25/11/22

  • Niamh Woodhouse | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Niamh Woodhouse ​ Niamh was the founder of Lingo Magazine, was Editor-in-Chief for 2022/23, and is now a Lingo alumni. Speaking French and Spanish, she has a particular interest in articles about history, culture and travel! Whilst studying in Cadiz, Niamh met other language students from universities across the UK and soon discovered that many of them write for language magazines at their universities. Seeing this gap in the market for a language magazine, she set up the magazine alongside an amazing committee for her fellow and future language students at the University of Nottingham! ​ Latest Articles by this Author Recipe of the week: Valentine's Focaccia 09/02/23 Culture Spotlight: Hispanic Society 25/10/22

  • Bethan Beddow | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Bethan Beddow ​ Bethan, an English with Creative Writing student, has a passion for writing, specifically writing about things close to her heart, such as underrated Welsh culture! ​ Latest Articles by this Author Exploring the hidden treasures of Wales 15/12/22

  • Millie Adams | Lingo Magazine

    < Back Millie Adams ​ Millie is immersed in the world of travel. As part of her year abroad she spent spent a semester in Martinique and a study semester in Cuba. Whilst on that side of the world, Millie took the opportunity to travel around the Caribbean. Millie was our 2022/23 Travel Editor. ​ Latest Articles by this Author Climate Change Refugees: the victims of global warming 15/02/22 7 Reasons to visit Santo Domingo 15/02/22

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