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Hungry in St Petersburg? My Top 5 Restaurants for Visitors

Jess Henrys

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Jess takes us on a culinary tour of Russia's cultural capital with an overview of her favourite restaurants with dish recommendations, price guides and pictures

Every sightseer needs a pit stop to fill a hungry stomach, and visitors to Saint Petersburg are no exception. Whether you’ve spent the day admiring the wonderful Winter Palace, on a windy cruise of the Neva, or in one of the city’s scenic suburbs like Peterhof or Pushkin, you’re never far from a place to put your feet up and satisfy your appetite.

And is it a surprise that Russia’s cultural capital is home to a diverse array of international cuisine? From pad thai to French fry, you can find it all on the streets of St P. To get you started on your culinary journey, I'm sharing a selection of our favourite restaurants in Saint Petersburg for you to try at your leisure!

Just like Grandma used to make...

If it’s authentic Russian cuisine you’re after, look no further than Dachniki [Дачники]. Dachniki, Nevsky Ave, 20, St Petersburg, Russia, 191186 Price: ££

Tucked away under the hustle and bustle of the Nevsky Prospekt, is a restaurant as delightful as it is delicious. Decorated in the style of a Soviet dacha (a cosy Russian country cottage), Dachniki promises traditional Russian recipes that will satisfy your appetite… and your curiosity. Is Russian food really all potatoes and beetroot? Not at all! Though this is certainly where I enjoyed the best borscht of my entire trip! ​

Whether you choose ‘pelmeni’ dumplings or chicken ‘shashlik’, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. Just be sure to save space for dessert – their honey cake (medovik) is legendary!

Dachniki is also perfect for big groups or parties.

Interior at Dachniki
Traditional Borscht

A local favourite...

Georgian cuisine is popular in St Petersburg, and nowhere does it better than Phali-Hinkali [Пхали-хинкали]. Phali-Hinkali, Bol'shaya Morskaya Ulitsa, 27, St Petersburg, Russia, 190000 Price: ££

It’s necessary to book in advance at this bustling business, where locals and tourists flock alike for its many delights. A warm and relaxed atmosphere pairs with delicious Georgian delicacies to keep you coming back time and again until you’ve discovered the entire menu. ​

I can recommend, the khachapuri [хачапури] and a pot of sweet fruit tea for the table. (Try as many flavours as you can!)

Tea time!

See food and eat it…

The biggest choice of sushi can be found at Evrasia [Евразия], but that’s not all! Evrasia, Griboyedov channel embankment, 12, St Petersburg, Russia, 191186 Price: £ (see below)

Although popular for its sushi (and it is recommended to book a table in advance), Evrasia has a wide and varied menu, from salads and soups to noodle and rice dishes. They also serve some of the delightful teas, similar to those found at Phali-Hinkali, with a variety of flavours.

The best part? The member’s discount. For just 300 roubles, you can purchase a member’s card which provides a discount on every dish you order! You save money almost immediately, it is a must-buy - especially if you’re out with friends or planning to return time and again.

We recommend the minari - pastry-wrapped bite-sized desserts of cream cheese and fruit. The best way to end the meal!

Sushi, photo credit: Jesney Swift

Eastern delights… and English-speaking staff

We found our favourite pan-Asian cuisine at King Pong [Кинг Понг]. King Pong, Bol'shaya Morskaya Ulitsa, 16, St Petersburg, Russia, 191186 Price: ££

For food that bursts with flavour, look no further than King Pong. Not far from Nevsky Prospekt, King Pong is perfect for the weary tourist – especially because a lot of their staff speak English and can provide you with an English menu. On those days when you’re too exhausted to speak another word of Russian, King Pong is a safe haven. ​

We recommend the duck bao buns – get there early to make sure the kitchen is still serving duck! It’s a popular choice!

Duck bao buns

A rare gem…

The best plant-based burgers are at Zen Burger[Дзен-бургерная]. Zen Burger, Pereulok Grivtsova, 7, St Petersburg, Russia, 190068 Price: £

Free of meat but full of flavour, everything at Zen Burger is suitable for vegetarians or vegans (just swap out the cheddar for its vegan alternative!). This quaint little restaurant is situated away from Nevsky Prospekt, and can be a quiet refuge from the business of the city – though it is popular with locals, especially on the weekends. The food is so cheap, and the owners are delightfully friendly and happy to chat. They’ll be interested in where you’re from, and may even give you a tip or two with your Russian speaking! ​

With some weird and wonderful flavours to choose from, I dare you to try every burger on the menu! (And don’t forget the potato wedges!)


With these restaurants and so much more to choose from, you’ll never go hungry in the Venice of the East. And if all else fails… there’s always McDonald’s!


[All photos and opinions credited to Jessica Henrys, unless stated otherwise]


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Images provided by Jess Henrys.

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Lovely tasty dish. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

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Very tasty and cheap. I often have this for tea!

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Being a bilingual family (French mother and British father,) living in France I thought your article was extremely interesting . Have you research on bilingualism ? It seems that when the mother is British and the father French and they both live in France their children seem to be more bilingual than when the mother is French and the father is British . This is what we called mother tongue , isn't it ?

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Such an interesting article!

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